About Us

bp-battery-prosThe Company was born in 1987, launched by David Gleason, who realized the need for quality service and truthful information to those searching for their next battery in whatever application. Greatly expanded, but still a family owned and operated business in the 2nd generation of Gleason’s. We built BP Battery on a firm belief to install a quality product and an unwavering commitment to service at a great price! We take great pride in upholding that commitment to this day as proven by our awesome testimonials. BP Battery Pros strives to maintain your battery world, Car Battery, Industrial, Marine/Rv, Atv, Solar, Golf Carts. We’ve built some of the best personal relationship’s in the industry and strive to deliver the best battery at the best price. Our service doesn’t stop when we deliver your battery, that’s just where it starts (no pun intended).

To request a quote, call us at 760 723 1773 or “email” us today.